Audio Transfer Los Angelesaudio-conversion-los-angeles

WOVA’s audio transfer process includes high-quality tape decks and turntables. We offer audio transfers from Audio Cassette, Micro Cassette, DAT and LP’s recorded at 33, 45, or 78 RPM and more. Noise removal and tracking are also available.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can transfer audio from almost any format to CDs, files (such as .mp3 and .wma), or audio tape formats.

  • AAC_MP2, Advanced Audio Coding, MPEG-2
  • MP4_FF_2_AAC, MPEG-4 File Format, V.2 with Advanced Audio Coding
  • MIDI_SD, MIDI Sequence Dat
  • MP3_FF, MP3 File Format
  • MA, WMA (Windows Media Audio) File Format
  • Quicktime
  • RealMedia
  • RealAudio
  • WAV, WAVE Audio File Format

What sets us apart from other companies is our high-quality, on-time service and professional high-tech equipment. We take our commitment to our customers very seriously.

For more information on our audio transfer and conversion services, please call us at 310-659-5959, or place your order online.