File Encoding Los Angeles

From its Los Angeles post production facility, WOVA’s expert staff can encode your video or audio to any format for digital distribution or preparation for editing.

In compressing video for the web, WOVA gives you the best possible image quality without sacrificing download speed.

WOVA’s compression formats include:

  • Quicktime
  • H.264
  • Windows Media (WMV)
  • AVI – low quality video conferencing
  • RealMedia
  • Apple Pro Res HQ
  • MPEG-1 – high quality CD-ROM video which requires special hardware
  • MPEG-2 – high quality DVD-ROM video requiring special hardware

WOVA is known for its high-quality, on-time service and professional high-end equipment. We take our commitment to our customers very seriously.

For more information on our file encoding services, please call us at 310-659-5959, or place your order online.