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Wedding Reception Lighting: Up lighting

Enhance your wedding reception through up lighting:

Wedding up lighting is the number one step to add to the mood of your room.  This method of lighting is one of the best ways to enhance your event space with the use of light. Up light can be used to adding color to the neutral surface of your wall or highlight architectural features of your room such as columns and alcoves.

“What is up lighting”? Up lighting is when lights are placed on the ground focused upward to project a narrow beam (Spot) or a broad beam of light (wash) against a wall, column or object. You can use up lighting to personalize and enhance the atmosphere of your room.

Wedding Reception Lighting: Pinspot

Highlight objects at your wedding reception through light:

Wedding Lighting Pin Spotting is a key effect for highlighting an object, like a centerpiece or wedding cake.  A focused beam of light shines directly on an object.  This method of lighting is one of the best ways  to focus attention on something. Wedding Centerpiece Pin Spot Lighting will beautifully accent your table centers to enhance the centerpieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers. Don’t forget to highlight your wedding cake, sweets table, and place card table.

Pin spot lighting (or pin spotting, pinning, or pin spotting) uses sharp beams of bright focused light to highlight or accent parts of your decor. Each specialized light is mounted as high as possible and produces a single beam of concentrated white light aimed downward or at an angle to light your centerpieces, table tops, or other special things like your wedding cake..

Wedding Reception Lighting: Custom Gobo Lighting

Project Your Name or Monogram in light with a Custom Gobo:

Add an additional personal touch to your wedding reception with a Custom Wedding Gobo can be projected on almost any flat surface including your dance floor or against the wall in the area above the wedding table where the bride and groom are seated.  There are many possibilities for how a Custom Gobo can be used to personalize one of your most memorable days.  This method of lighting is one of the best ways ensure the smallest detail and emotions of the bridge and groom are clearly visible.