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High Definition Player Rentals Los Angeles

WOVA’s provides high definition players can record and playback various broadcasting formats. This means you can create video content for regions all over the world.

WOVA offers the finest high definition player rentals in Los Angeles. Please call us toll free at 866-900-3827 or 310-659-5959 for more information, or place your order online.

  • Sony HVR-M10U

    Sony HVR-M10U

    HVR-M10U is a lightweight, compact HDV 1080i VTR capable of record and playback of HDV 1080i, DVCAM, and DV (SP) on a mini DVCAM cassette, offering full backward compatibility to the standard definition DV world. In addition, the 1080i-recorded image can also be down converted to SD output mode directly from the VTR or camcorder in digital or analog.

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  • Panasonic AJ-HD1400

    Panasonic AJ-HD1400

    This compact, economical desktop VTR records and plays in all of the world's HD broadcasting formats. It provides 720/1080 video format cross conversion and HD/SD down/up conversion. Also providing SD playback functions, the versatile AJ-HD1400 lets you produce video content for a variety of applications in all regions of the world.

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  • LG BH 100

    LG BH 100

    Blending the latest technologies and offering unprecedented flexibility to consumers seeking the convenience of playing both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD high-definition content, LG Electronics, a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, offers the groundbreaking "Super Multi Blue" Player.This advanced dual-format high-definition disc player, LG model BH100, is the first player on the market with the capability to play both next-generation disc formats.

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  • LG BD 390

    LG BD 390

    Get the ultimate in picture quality with the LG BD390 Network Blu-ray Disc Player, which features full HD 1080p resolution from Blu-ray Discs and 1080p upscaling from standard DVD video discs. It also allows you to stream movies, TV shows and videos to your HDTV without a computer via Netflix and YouTube.

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  • Samsung BD-P3600

    Samsung BD-P3600

    You can experience exciting high-definition images and the highest quality audio on the market with the BD-P3600 Blu-ray player. It supports instantly stream movies and music with wireless networking. And an 802.11 Wi-Fi connection lets you easily download large files. Plus special interactive features with BD-Live 2.0 ready make movie night even more exciting. With a sleek, slim design, it's the missing component to your home entertainment ensemble.

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