LED Video Wall Rentals

LED Video Wall Rentals

LED Video Wall Rentals In Los Angeles

Every event is unique, and every event venue requires a solution to deliver your imagination to reality. In large environments, small spaces, and anywhere in between you need to have a “WOW” first impression, LED video wall panels have the flexibility and scale to make big things happen. WOVA has the solutions and technology consultants to recommend the right HD panels and give your message the visual impact it deserves.

The new standard in event production. We offer full video display services including high definition displays and LED panels, IMAG, projection mapping and live video services to create a truly immersive experience. We can customize our LED Video Panels in numerous ways:

LED DJ Booths
LED Video Walls
LED Video Panels on Trusses
The custom options and configurations are endless.

All our LED Video Panel Rentals include an onsite video tech, professional installation and an incredible Visual Effects show!

WOVA offers the finest LED Wall rentals in Los Angeles. We also provide trussing and video switchers. Please call us toll free at 866-900-3827 or 310-659-5959 for more information, or place your order online.

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