WOVA’s Video Post with an Emphasis on Personal Attention

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The nightmare for clients who bring their business to post-production facilities, particularly when it comes to dubbing services, is that their orders will be handled without special care and potentially lost in the shuffle. This fear is further aggravated when there is a disconnect between clients and the editors and technical specialists who perform the services. This is often the case, especially in larger post-production houses. World of Video and Audio, however, understands the necessity for quality assurance with complete and informed commmunication to all customers. That is why WOVA has designated staff to emphasize the personal attention that each and every order receives, regardless of size. David Scheinberg, the newly appointed Director of Business Development at WOVA, serves as a point of contact for all WOVA clients to assure them that their order is being handled with the utmost care. A very special effort is made at WOVA to confirm for customers that their order does receive special attention and that they can count on our superior quality services. It is with this high level of customer service that WOVA can absolutely assure that clients can confidently drop off their orders with the knowledge that WOVA will deliver the product exactly as they asked, with the utmost efficiency, both on time and on budget.