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Amp Rentals Los Angeles

WOVA’s amps are a crucial part of your sound production. We can fit you with the perfect amp and all the other sound equipment you need.

WOVA offers the finest amp rentals in Los Angeles. Please call us toll free at 866-900-3827 or 310-659-5959 for more information, or place your order online.

  • Soundcraft Gigrac 1000

    Soundcraft Gigrac 1000

    Professional 8-channel Powered Mixer - 2 x 500-wattEven if you're brand new to arena of live sound, you'll have no trouble getting a great sound with the Soundcraft GigRac. Packed with the pro features you need such as combo XLR/line inputs, precision mic preamps, a musical EQ, digital effects, graphic EQ, and independent main and monitor mixes, the GigRac is simple to set up!

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  • Mackie 808S

    Mackie 808S

    Full featured 8-channel / 1200 watt powered mixer with onboard EMAC™ 32-bit digital effects processor. Two 600-watt FR Series High-Current power amps. Power amps switchable as mono Mains or Mains + Monitor. 8 mic/line channels with master phantom power.

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  • Yamaha EMX620

    Yamaha EMX620

    The input section has four channels that accept both XLR and 1/4", and two inputs that accept Super Hi-Z inputs to handle acoustic guitar pickups. There’s also a set of tape inputs for easy connection of CD players or cassette decks.

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  • Bose L1 Model 1

    Bose L1 Model 1

    Unique, all-in-one system delivers clear, powerful sound across the stage and throughout small to medium-sized venues. Hear what your audience hears, and eliminate conventional monitors, mixers and PA systems. Includes one B1 bass module for enhanced low-end performance.

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